Mill Ring Sling Swan

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Mill Ring Sling Swan

Mill Ring Sling Swan


*   A very popular carrying method for Ring Sling is to carry the baby on the hip.

*   Face visible & close enough to kiss

*   Comfortable and easy to use

*   Easily breastfeeding

*   One size fits all

*   Gathered shoulder

*   No buckles or snaps necessary

*   Tapered tail

*   Easy binding

*   Special designs fabric

*   Special designs large Aluminium Rings

*   Back support (no collapse)

*   Knees higher than bum

*   Safety and tracking labels hidden in shoulder

*   Front and hip carrying options

*   Easy to adjust from front carry (tummy to tummy) and hip carries

*   Recommended weight range: 8-33 lbs (3,5-15kg)

*  High quality, OEKO-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 Certified (no harmful substances approved )

*  Made of 100%  organic cotton fabric

* Machine washable